Online Visibility

Web & Search Optimization

With more and more people using online resources to find information about businesses, it is essential that your business is being found online. A number of businesses are losing opportunities to drive new leads if they aren’t online. Are customers able to find you?


In today’s age, customers are searching online for the services they need. Are you being found online?

Having a mobile-friendly responsive website increases the chances of you winning a new customer when they are searching for purchasing decisions online. 

Web Design

Make a great first impression and convert prospects into your next newest customer!

To ensure you look your best online, every business needs a quality website that looks good on any device, including the always-present smartphone. Our sites are search optimized to improve your find-ability on sites like Google and designed to capture consumer interest, converting site visitors into new customers.

Web Design Options:

WordPress Quick Build Sites

Great for Landing Pages or Local Business Sites

WordPress Custom Site Design

For clients requiring custom functionality and/or e-commerce capabilities, our experienced development team will create a stunning site that Wows your potential customers and makes it easy for them to do business with you.

Marketing Automation

helping you convert potential customers at every stage of the purchase funnel, our automation program can include Landing Page development, custom content creation, and sequenced email marketing. Work smarter, not harder.


Integrating an accessibility widget to increase ease of use for Americans with disabilities. Up to 30k page loads per month. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good for Business!

a mobile device example of an automated chatbot on a website

Automated Chat

We offer website chatbots, a powerful marketing tool that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. In the competitive digital landscape, our chatbots not only help businesses stand out but also excel in lead generation—qualifying leads, offering personalized recommendations, and guiding visitors to conversion, turning potential customers into actual ones.

Google My Business

Google My Business displays your company’s info on Google Maps, the local pack, and the knowledge panel. We’ll optimize your profile for users seeking your services, allowing them to easily find directions, call, visit your website, and interact in other ways on the world’s largest search engine.

On-Page SEO

Search Optimization Solutions

We help you get found online.

For existing sites, we will first run an initial audit to uncover any technical issues that may be hindering your site’s find-ability by the major search engines.

On-Page SEO Solutions can include

Off-Page SEO

Search Optimization Solutions

Improving Your Local Online Presence & Monitoring Your Reputation

Make sure your business is visible to all potential customers by increasing visibility and name recognition with our search services.

Off-Page SEO Solutions can include

Business Listing Optimization

Top 20 – 50 major directories and map apps, including Google My Business, On-Star, Apple Maps, Waze, Bing, Yahoo and more

Google Business Profile Management

Ongoing updates to Google Posts, Events, Products, and Service photos and descriptions.

Search Optimized Videos on YouTube

30-second marketing videos optimized for findability in search and on YouTube. Videos created using our huge library of stock video footage, music, incorporating your local clips, on-screen message, logo, and call to action message, linking to your site.

SEO Blog Writing

Monthly/quarterly blog articles written using your best keywords – posted to Google Blogger or on your website.

Optimized for Voice Search

For Alexa, Siri, Google Home – now used by over 36% of consumers!

Reputation Management

24/7 Monitoring of major rating/review sites, with alerts, best practice guidance for responding, and monthly reports.

We help you get found online, make a great first impression, and convert prospects into your next newest customer!

We Want to Tell the Amazing Story of Your Business!

Increase customer loyalty via social media, email newsletters, mobile text marketing-driving repeat, and referral business as you gain visibility. Our experts will create a social loyalty marketing calendar that will help your business succeed, giving you time to do what you do best.

Step One

Leveraging the best tools to capture your story

Step Two

Amplify the Content via Existing Channels & Paid Marketing

Step Three

Stay top of Mind with Current Clients, Prospects in Your Funnel

Step one

Content Marketing & Development

Make sure that your brand is the “go to” resource for customers looking for its services. Brands that fail to put out new content are falling behind. Is your brand connecting with its audience?

Social Media Management
Customers love the opportunity to closely interact and engage with their favorite businesses. This is why social media is so important in today's ever-changing online world. Our team will assist in the creation and management of the appropriate social channels for your business. Having a solid, consistent voice strengthens your brand and increases sales.
Email Marketing
Many people think that email marketing is dying, but quite the opposite is happening. Email marketing is one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. Our team will create and send engaging emails on your behalf ensuring that you are interacting with your customers in an effective way. We make your email campaigns deliver. Reach the in-box of your best prospects targeting by GEO, Demo, and interests. Email Sequence can include re-blast week later to all who opened the first email, plus added targeted via Mobile GEO and Display ads. B2B targeting by SIC code, job titles to reach decision-makers
Video Production & Marketing
Telling your story with the power of sight, sound & emotion – great for increasing engagement in social media and on your website. We produce compelling HD videos then target best prospects via YouTube, Pre-roll, Connected TV Networks, Social, Email, Mobile, Google Business listing. Did you know? Video is 8X more likely to be shared and viewed than standard media.
a mobile device example of a blog module page on a site
Local Listing Optimization
There are a number of local directories that represent your business online. Do they have the right information for your customers? Make sure your customers are receiving the most up-to-date and accurate information about your business when they are searching online through Local Listing Optimization.
SEO Blog Writing
Search Optimized Blog Articles to educate both prospects & Google about your business Monthly/quarterly blog articles written using your best keywords – posted to Google Blogger or on your website.
Reputation Management
In today’s online age, consumers are researching brand reputation prior to making purchasing decisions. If your online presence isn’t great, you may be losing customers. Having a solid reputation management strategy together will increase your business's reputation and increase your customer pool. Our team will assist with the generation of new positive reviews, display your current reviews on your website, help you monitor reviews, and put a solid strategy together.

Step Two

Targeted Digital Marketing

Reach consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services!

Do you have an online presence, but find it difficult to bring in new leads? Targeted Digital Advertising connects your brand to new customers through various forms of targeting and advertising. Make sure your brand stands out front of your competition.

Search Engine Marketing
Did you know that there are approximately 5.8 billion searches on Google per day? That’s a lot of potential customers eager to buy a product or service. Our team will help your business rise to the top of Page One to connect with prospects actively searching for your products & services. Search Engine Marketing is the intersection of Supply & Demand, positioning your business in front of customers in buying mode.
Search & Contextual Retargeting
Delivering your message based on behavior, including those who most recently searched relevant keywords or reading-related content. Our team will help your business get in front of valuable leads using advanced keyword targeting and other dynamic campaign optimization techniques.
Targeted Display
Have you ever seen those ads on websites for products or services you were just viewing? Chances are, that company is utilizing a form of display advertising. Our team offers specific targeting on our campaigns that include keyword, online behavior and website retargeting. This detailed targeting allows your ads to be shown to the right audience, at the right time.
Programmatic Video
It can be difficult to showcase your brand’s videos outside of YouTube and Facebook. With Programmatic Video, we can serve your message to your targeted audience across a variety of places across the web that not many people have access to.
YouTube Advertising
There has been a steady decline in traditional video providers making online video providers, such as YouTube, one of the best places to advertise. Has your brand been keeping up with the latest trends? Our team is here to help. We will create, monitor, and manage your YouTube campaign to insure that it reaches the right audience, solidifies your brand, and brings in new leads.
OTT / CTV Advertising
With people increasingly going away from traditional cable/satellite TV providers, sending a video about your brand can be increasingly difficult. With OTT advertising, our team can send your video message to your customers through a number of video streaming options.
Streaming / Programmatic Audio
Streaming or programmatic audio advertising allows you to reach your target audience with online audio content in podcasts, audio articles, digital radio, and streaming music services. Audio ads allow for personalized audio messaging to reach people where visual advertising simply can't... when driving to work, working out at the gym, or listening to a podcast while running errands.
Native Advertising
Some people have become aware of advertising online and don’t pay attention to it. With native advertising, our team can send a message to those people in the form of a paid ad that looks like organic content.
Facebook / Instagram Advertising
If you are not advertising to your target audience in Facebook & Instagram, you may be missing a large opportunity to bring in new customers. Our team will create, monitor, and manage your Facebook /Instagram advertising campaign to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and bring in new leads. Leverage your email and CRM data to build custom audiences, target Social Lookalikes and match audiences.
Highly targeted via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat. Ad units include Video, Story Posts, Carousel ads.
Custom Audiences & Lookalike Targeting
We leverage your website data to build profile of visitors by section, marketing key products by interest…as well as Lookalike prospects on the Web and in Social Media who match their profile.
Multi-Channel Site Retargeting
Stay top of mind and surround those that visit your website with a retargeting campaign across multiple platforms including Web, Mobile, Social, Video, Email In-box, and Direct Mail

Step Three

Location Based Targeting

  • Geofence Targeting

    Have you ever walked into a store and later seen an ad for that business? Chances are they were utilizing geofencing. Geofencing is a way to serve ads to customers who have visited your or a competitor’s location. Our team is skilled in this method of precise targeting so that your ads are showing up to individuals not only while they are in a location, but days after they have left.

  • Event Targeting

    Did you miss advertising to a specific location? With lookback targeting, our team can serve ads to people who have been in a defined area in the previous 12 months.

  • CRM Targeting

    If you have a list of contacts and don’t know how to send a message to them, CRM targeting can be the perfect solution. Our team can serve ads to a specific audience group using your contact list; making your ads serve to a relevant audience.

  • Addressable Targeting

    Sending a message to a specific household can be somewhat challenging for the average marketer. With addressable targeting, our team can serve your ads to specific households leaving no wasted impressions.

  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing

    Targeting at the address level and up, including those who have visited your Business as well as Key Competitors. We can also target matching postal addresses of everyone on the Email marketing list. Your Business is the Conversion Zone, as we track walk-in traffic. Other options include Consumer and B2B Convention & Trade Show GEO Fencing and GEO Fencing for Recruitment, to reach the passive job seeker. Ads are served via to consumers on their favorite mobile apps, in their Facebook Newsfeed, and with cross-device matching, also via web display ads.

  • Direct Mail Targeting

    Full-Color oversized postcards deliver your message into the home, in-sync with digital – matching same GEO and message. Options include Carrier Route distribution, address specific delivery, and website retargeting.

Market Planning

With over 25 years in advertising, we are excited to offer the ability for you to house your local media at one location.

Our Team can coordinate your creative with all aspects of your annual marketing to design campaigns not only to obtain the exposure you want but the results you need.

Let us help make sure your creative is consistent among all mediums, make sure your media is working for you, and we can do it for up to a $0 consulting cost (ask your market coordinator for details). Our team works together to make sure you can keep your business running while we help reach your customer with your messaging. We know time is tight for you. That’s why we make ours available. We can handle all your media, your creative, your placement, and more all designed to implement results oriented campaigns. Now every small or medium sized business can afford market planning. We seriously made it easy. We have the Solution for you!

Broadcast Media

Utilize radio to reach your target market using drive-time exposure and custom creative to maximize results

Utilize tried and true 92.7 Nash Icon WXKU99.3 WZZBReal Country WKLO 96.9Mix 95.3 WUME & 98.7 WSEZ  to reach your marketing goals. 5 stations, several formats, and thousands of listeners all throughout Southern Indiana. Let us help you use radio to reach your marketing goals.

Direct Mail

Let us reach your target directly to their home with a custom direct mail campaign.

Let us get you a quote for a direct mail piece that is designed to reach your targets in their home or office.

Every Door Direct
Carrier delivered, full color over-sized glossy postcard to every home in your target neighborhood
Address Specific
Delivery based on list provided or purchased list
Direct Mail Retargeting
Postcards sent to prospects that visited your website

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