Pairing Together Radio and Digital Sales

When it comes to advertising, businesses often get overwhelmed with all the opportunities out there as well as the large number of companies that offer marketing services. Organizations that can offer both traditional tactics like radio and digital tactics have a huge advantage and are able to provide a great benefit to their clients as well. Here are a few of the many advantages to selling radio and digital advertising together.

Benefits of Selling Packages that Contain Radio and Digital:

  • Increase Reach & Frequency: Radio and digital are a great 1-2 punch for increasing reach and frequency in advertising for clients. When clients are really trying to get a message out to potential customers, having it put out on radio as well as digitally can help increase brand awareness and knowledge of the business. It also helps reinforce that message by reaching customers multiple times through different channels.
  • Ability to Create a Custom Plan: One of best things about pairing radio with digital is the ability to create a custom plan for clients that can help them reach their unique goals. Whether a new business is looking to get their name out there or a long-time institution wants to book more business, there is a pairing of radio and digital that can help achieve their goals.
  • Digital & Radio Work Together: Let’s say a customer hears a business’s radio ad and wants to gather more information about what the business offers. The majority of us are going to pull out our phones, go to Google, and search this company. If they’re taking advantage of digital marketing you might see a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ad pop up when you search for their name or the products/services they offer. Additionally, you might find their Google My Business (GMB) profile with more information about them, links to their website and social media accounts, and easy call to actions on how to get in contact with them. All of which play a role in digital marketing.

    On the other hand, maybe a customer is looking into a certain product or service and does a Google search for some options of who they might want to work with. If this business is taking advantage of a traditional medium like radio, there’s a chance that when customers pull up the search results and see your name, they will be familiar with you already due to your radio advertising and will have some brand awareness of your business, making them more likely to click on your ad. 
  • Businesses are Wanting to Work With Fewer Advertising Reps: Businesses today are being offered more and more marketing options from a range of agencies and marketing specialists. Salespeople who have ability to sell radio plus digital products ranging from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to websites, to Targeted Display, OTT, and more are going to put themselves at an advantage.

Packaging radio with digital marketing is a win for all parties involved! Business owners get more of what works best for their business while working with a limited number of salespeople. Additionally, being able to offer clients the latest digital marketing tools along with more traditional mediums means more ways for salespeople to help clients hit their goals and continue to spend their ad dollars with them. A win-win!


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